Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mint op-ed on nudging

My Mint op-ed on using insights form behavioural sciences to enable governments to structure decision making by influencing choices and contexts is available here.


Biju Dominic said...

hi gulzar,
your article in today's mint made very interesting read. more because i am also a big believer in the practice of behavioural economics. an year back with some senior marketing and design professionals have started FinalMile Consulting(our blog among other things has my mint article on the economic crisis) in Mumbai to use the principles of behavioural economics and neurology to effect changes in consumer, organzational and public behaviour of people.
We are working with several organizations in the country. My team is just working on a signage based on these principles to stop people from spitting in public places.
will surely ask my colleagues also to visit your blog more often. looking forward to more such articles.
biju dominic
FinalMile Consulting

Chandra said...

I read with interest. I think it is a good attempt but bad end. Mainly the following paragraphs are poorly thought out ideas and conclusion. In fact it shows poor knowledge of public choice theory.

“Governments can structure the decision making context to “nudge” people to make more “informed choices”.

Given the fact that your average human is not completely rational and, therefore, would not be overly competent at making complex calculations, automatic enrolment and good default options can be effective in structuring choices.”