Saturday, June 23, 2018

Transformations within governments

New MGI report on achieving success with transformational programs within governments. The report studied 80 cases of transformation projects within governments across 50 countries and came up with five essential ingredients for any successful transformation.

1. Committed leadership 
2. Clear purpose and priorities
3. Cadence and co-ordination in delivery
4. Compelling communication
5. Capability for change

The report claims that embracing these five "disciplines" more than triples the likelihood of success with transformational implemenations. It advocates a combination of the five ingredients with three new age concepts - focusing on citizen experience, design thinking, and agile implementation.

While more or less all such case study examples are more likely an exaggerated illustration of the specific use cases and its channels of impact, and also an advertisement for McKinsey involved transformations (and therefore to be taken with a pinch of salt), the larger message is well taken. 

There is no substitute for passionately committed and decisive leaders who lead from the front, prioritise on a few objective, have a clear but flexible enough plan, have put in place a dedicated team with requisite capabilities, monitor implementation closely and intensely, co-ordinate among all government agencies, and engage deeply with all those affected by the change and communicate with them.

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