Monday, September 25, 2017

Bringing in specialisation into the IAS

I have an oped in the Indian Express with Dr D Subbarao which argues for specialisation within the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and suggests a possible strategy for its implementation. 


Anonymous said...

Another view point... Out of 1000 recruited through UPSC exam, only 100 becomes generalist and all other are recruited and trained as specialists. They work through the ladder and end up reporting to generalists. In our country we already have specialists in every field like Security, Defence, production (PSU), economics and finance (IES, RBI, SEBI, various accounts services etc.), Tax collection, Law, Communication etc., What we require effective co-ordination between all.

Lateral recruitment in highly specialized position is required but, what is the need of the hour is shielding Implementation of policies from road blocks or inter-service and generalist-specialist divide. This can happen only when every one will have equal opportunities.

Gulzar Natarajan said...

Thanks for the comment Anon. I agree and does not see any contradiction between this and what we have written