Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A twin agenda for urban transformation

I have an oped here in Indian Express today on an urban agenda for the new government. Long-term sustainable growth focused political leadership and focus on urban planning and its enforcement is essential to any urban transformation. 


Vijay Sharma said...

The common excuse by a city government is that, our hands are binded by state govt, who in a curious jugular logic blames it on national seat of power. The comnunists n socialists don't stop here, they take a pause for a breather n finally accuse global system. Yrs idea has taken this 'theory ' by horn. Nice to have a fresh air this morning. Its the local govt wer actions take place, its the local'happening ' place, i always believed. How can we persuade our local govt, thats the question.i assume yr suggestions fit in swaraj also. .vijay sharma.

conscience of the society said...

Hi Gulzar ! Very noble and practical ideas on what troubles our urban planning !
Would like to place before you, a deeply fundamental malady that harm and derail every form of planning and execution in modern 'politics ruled' democratic order. The compulsions of the business of politics,and the model of Power-state that modern democracies follow often takes away result-oriented direction from every plan and act from the scene.
While priorities of politics takes away the centrality of citizen-welfare from the scene, Power as totally non-fit fuel for a governmental system of EQUAL MEN takes away every bud and form of creativity and rationality from the execution part of every item of governance.
I give here the links to our blogs that depicts these fundamentals of our false democratic model, at links:, and