Saturday, March 21, 2009

Health Tourism

Medical tourism, where patients from developed countries seek cheap treatment alternatives in developing countries, has for sometime now been acknowledged as a sunrise sector with enormous potential for India. A rapidly increasing number of patients from US and elsewhere have been flocking to countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Ireland, Turkey, Cota Rica, in search of treatments like dental implants, hip and knee replacements, heart valve replacements and bypass surgery, often at a fraction of the cost (as indicated in the graphic below) in their home country.


Carol Brooks said...

The costs of health care have soared high in industrialized nations. This rise in health care costs has lead people from USA, Europe, Canada and Australia to seek alternatives to reduce their expenses and build financial savings. This has prompted the people of developed countries serve as medical tourists. Asia has emerged as a significantly favorable destination. Asian countries are gaining popularity as they are committed to providing world class services at affordable prices – and sophisticated and premium health care services are now more readily available without compromising on the quality and standards of treatment. Visit here to know more about Asia and its medical tourism

raulhudson said...

Yes, Each country is specialized with a treatment and surgery. For example India is specialized in Yogic healing, Transcendental Meditation (TM) along with alternate therapies of Ayurveda, likewise Thailand is famous for sex change surgeries. So people have got the choice to select. And that to there is a huge difference in the cost for the treatment. So people are opting for
Medical Tourism