Saturday, July 14, 2012

Public perceptions on economic conditions in India

The latest Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project's survey of public perceptions (pdf here) (via Economix) on various factors related to the economy and their well-being reveals certain interesting features. In particular, for India, there are some interesting findings. 

Indians are generally less optimistic across a range of indicators than are their emerging market counterparts.                                                                                  

In contrast, the Indian rich are far more gung-ho about their prospects and that of the economy across a range of indicators. In fact, the difference in economic attitudes between people with high incomes and people with low incomes is most notable in India. By a margin of 25 percentage points, high-income Indians are more satisfied than low-income Indians with their personal economic situation.

Predictably, 92% of Indians blamed the government for the current economic problems. But surprisingly, 64% of Indians blamed themeselves for their present state.

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