Sunday, January 4, 2009

George Bush reads Albert Camus...

... so claims Karl Rove! This and other anecdotes about the Bush years, comes in the form of a hard hitting NYT op-ed, A President Forgotten but Not Gone, by Frank Rich!

Jacob Weisberg, reviewing three books on the Bush administration by well respected commentators, describes the President as a "marionette of the reactionary right" and feels that the Bush's critics esteem him too little to despise him. He writes, "You can't despise a simpleton for his simplicity. You can't hate a man who isn't there."

Maureen Dowd casts George Bush as a "boy emperor", so insulated as to be "living in a thermos", "chaperoned" by Dick Cheney. She argues that the invasion of Iraq had less to do with WMD than the "chance for W. to complete his transformation from the screwup son to the son who fixed his father's screwups"!

Update 1
Frank Rich continues his chronicle of the (mis)rule of the Bush years. The Center for Public Integrity lists out 125 cases of "systematic failures across the breadth of the federal government" during the Bush years. NYT has an article on a comprehensive government report on the Iraq war which details the skeletons in the Iraq cupboard and a multi-billion dollar fisaco.

Update 2
Jacob Weisberg has the to 25 Bushisms here.

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