Tuesday, October 16, 2012

India "brain drain" graphic of the day

A friend sends me this excellent graphic which highlights that more than a third of India's researchers emigrate, the highest among all major economies.

Would be interesting to have a graphic of what percentage of India's first generation entrepreneurs in knowledge based sectors are returning emigrants. What would be particularly interesting is exploring the dynamics of our "brain drain", especially by taking the more recent data.

I suspect that even as researchers have left, professionals from various knowledge based services may be increasingly coming back to India. This channel may be either by directly pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives or by relocating as part of their professional work with intentions of starting some enterprise once they have re-established themselves back here.


vikramhegde said...

Sir, where is the People's republic?

Sai Prasad said...

Might be interesting to see if the researchers who did not leave have contributed significantly ?