Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ken Livingston defends his record

Maverick Mayor of London, Ken Livingston outlines his mayoral record - Crossrail, Olympics, Planning policy, congestion pricing, crime control and climate change.

It speaks of enormous pragmatism for a left-wing politician to assert, "My economic strategy is to maintain London as the most international and diverse business city in the world. Where I part company with some advocates of globalisation is that I do not have confidence in an automatic trickle down of wealth that would ensure that all Londoners benefit from the city’s success. That is why I launched a series of measures ranging from free travel on buses for the under-18s to insisting that the Olympics be staged in east London... if support for globalisation is to be maintained against populist protectionism, there must be active policies to ensure that all Londoners benefit from it".

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