Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A case for institutionalised lateral entry into the IAS

An evolution of my earlier view on lateral entry. I have a co-authored article here with Dr D Subbarao advocating an institutionalised system of lateral entry into the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

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Anonymous said...

The article was thought provoking. The proposal seems to be quite unique. It would be like present UPSC like entry but in specific service with certain minimum industry experience in the field. However, sir, I hope you will agree, present structure lack is not the fresh ideas or will power, present structure lacks execution skills, sustained motivation as well as inter-departmental-ministerial co-ordination.

More practical approach would be revamping present structure wherein important postings will not be arbitrary but a through a transparent process (from an independent body like UPSC, not through departmental panel or ACC) wherein past experience will be given importance. Crudely speaking - Only picking lateral entrants from existing cadre (but, putting them through whatever rigorous selection process suitable for the identified positions.). This may increase the vacancies at the base level also.