Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Visualizations

1. From Zero Hedge, only 22 countries have escaped British invasion.
2. Times has this graphic which captures the massive decline in heart disease related death rate.
3. FT has this snapshot of iPhone's component eco-system.
4. And finally, the rapidly rising share of exports in Chinese steel production. Does this portend similar trends in other sectors - cement, solar panels, BTG equipment, railway carriages etc - with attendant effect on global prices.
5. City Lab points to a fantastic transit visualization tool, TRAVIC, which maps transportation flows data from 249 cities across the world. The one below is Manhattan, New York.
6. Times has this interactive graphic on executive compensation in the US. The average executive compensation at the top 200 US firms topped $22.6 million in 2014, the highest ever.

Update 1 (31.05.2015)

1. This interactive feature helps you compare your assessment of how family income affects children's college chances with the actual data. This helps us compare our perception and the reality of where we stand with respect to others across the world in incomes.

2. This interactive feature tells you what 2000 calories looks like in terms of restaurant menus and this tells us about the different healthy eating menus.

3. Great visualization of how buses bunch together even if there is a slight delay in one service.

4. This graphic shows how long it take to travel from 28 European cities to any point in the continent.

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