Friday, June 18, 2010

Case for in-situ slum development

Here is my Mint op-ed today which argues that instead of granting property rights, slums should be redeveloped in situ using, say, multi-storeyed housing


chandra said...

A few days back a friend of mine who work with Chennai City Connect said to me the same ideas which you have nicely described, feel it works well, i have seen in Chandigarh also! of course a lots needs to be done.

Vamsi M Maganti said...


Good idealogy. Hope some one can and will put it to work.

When I was visiting germany few years ago, I saw a very interesting housing project. Donot know it could be applied to our slums, but sounded good to me. About 150 public housing multi storey units were built using good /strong / very strong recycled materials with solar panels meeting the energy demands and handed over to homeless/low income people. The govt has been collecting a low tax / rent to improve upon the facilities provided. Heard that area is thriving now.

May be our slums will too - one day! :)


డింగరి (Dingari) said...

Good idealogy. Hope some day it happens and some one will put it to work.