Friday, March 2, 2018

Liberal hypocrisy and the rise of Trump

At a time when the rise and rise of tech giants has engendered serious and immediate concerns on a host of problems about very proximate issues - privacy, inequality, political capture, stifling of competition, tax avoidance, fake news, social addictions etc - Anne-Marie Slaughter has this article which can even charitably be only described as a cop out.

Ignoring all these pressing and immediate issues, she labours painfully and incoherently on the dehumanising aspects of technology. When contrasted with honourable and insightful articles like this, Ms Slaughter's looks more like an exercise in digression from the real issues. 

And what on earth does this mean?
Going local will also be an important way to recover a belief in truth. With the decline of traditional trusted intermediaries, and the discovery that social media account holders may well be bots, we will crave verifiability. Blockchain technologies can help.
Note that there is not even a disclosure in her signature indicating that Google is a major funder of New America Foundation, of which she is the President, and which was at the centre of this disreputable incident which revealed people's true allegiances and convictions. 

What else can be expected from this poster child of liberalismfeminism and a host of other feel-good isms? 

When you have such people as role models representing the elite, why should we be surprised by the rise of Trump?

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