Sunday, April 12, 2015

The cost of commute and other weekend visualizations

1. Fabulous graphic in Citylab which documents the social costs of different commute alternatives - walking, biking, public bus, private car etc - in Vancouver. Here is a graphic which shows the comparison of commute costs using different modes
This graphic shows how much does different modes of commute cost the society.
The calculation of the costs of different commutes is indicated here.

2. Striking interactive graphics from Commonwealth Fund comparing different parameters of health care costs and efficiency between the US and other countries.

3. The Urban Institute has a new data visualization site. This has nine graphics of inequality in the US.

4. Here is an interactive graphic that captures the changing trends in the origin country of migrants into the US.

5. The Economist has this graph which captures the ebbs and flows in the US technology sector since 1980, in terms of the trends in stock market valuations of technology firms.
6. The Times has this hugely informative interactive graphic on the changing nature of middle-class jobs in the United States over the 1980-2012 period. 

7. Finally, the Global Burden of Disease database has excellent visualization that captures time-series information on mortality and morbidity

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