Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is a Smart City?

The graphic below apparently represents a "smart" city.
It does in turn beg the question, what is a good "normal" city? Stripped off all the jargon, both are essentially the same. If we want to split hairs, we can define a "smart" city as a "normal" city which uses technology and progressive urban planning to create a highly liveable urban environment. 

Instead of focusing urban development agenda around delivering good quality civic services and creating the enabling conditions for entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth, we have taken the easy way out by re-packaging all those essential elements of good urban governance and presenting it as an innovation! 


martin prince said...

I just wondered about the source of the graphic

Gulzar Natarajan said...

Martin, thanks for pointing it out. I got it from a word document sent by a friend. Does not contain the source. Do you know?