Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Social enterprises in development

Here is my op-ed in today's Mint on social enterprises.


Anonymous said...

Making the govt institutions agile and government processes transparent by IT adoption and automation are the most obvious things an IT giant like India do. However, the political class and bureuacracy are very measured in bringing about the changes in fear of losing rent seeking opportunities. The central governemnt should play a proactive role in defining standards and state-of-art practices and encourage state and local governments to adoption in a time-bound manner.

Jayan said...

With very limited interaction with govt processes for IT projects, I am of the opinion that they are not very useful in attracting right talent. Most of the time entry barriers are very high- asking for high net worth, years in business, lack of timely payment etc. Most projects are done by part time developers like students (of final year projects) but without adequate systems and processes around it.

I would like to hear more about opportunity that exists in developing solutions in select areas of governance.