Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Data visualization charts of the day

1. Superb illustration of the widening income inequality in the US, using data put together by Emmanuel Saez, from the EPI website. Between 1917-2008, average incomes in the US grew by $38,216 (in 2008 dollars). The richest 10% got 51% of that increase and their share in the growth has been rising since the eighties.

2. Excellent visualization of President Obama's Budget proposals for 2011-12. New York Times has another superb spending category-wise visualization of how the $3.7 trillion is proposed to be spent, with changes from last year. Such graphics help sift through the avalanche of budget related data and informs at one glance the areas where spending cuts can make a difference to the overall budget deficit.


sai prasad said...

We need to look at the increasing inequality more closely as they are forerunners of strife and deep dissatisfaction.

We are already seeing the effects of the same by way of loss of credibility of governments and sub-regional chauvinism.

We need to understand the magnitude of the same in India and look at ways of increasing access to opportunity in the country.

Urbanomics said...

yes sir, i agree fully with you.

interestingly, would you agree that inequality is also an opportunity for politicians to indulge in populism? it looks like we have a vicious loop here, with sustaining inequality being in everybody's interest!