Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crime data visualization

Interactive graphics, especially those based on geographical visualization, have the potential to revolutionize decision-support in public policy. Crime detection and prevention is an area where such data can be extensively used.

The Guardian newspaper teamed up with Doug McCune to illustrate the street-wise crime information released by the British Government Police Department using vivid interactive geographical visualization. Apart from helping police officials with their crime detection and prevention activities, this also enables people to examine different types of crime levels in their areas and compare it with those elsewhere.

(click here to play the graphic)

The data representation is made using a geographical data visualization software, SpatialKey. It is the next generation location intelligence solution that enables interactive analyses and reports to be created and shared by business decision makers in minutes.

I had blogged earlier about Doug McCune's spectacular representation of San Francisco's crime levels as elevations on the city map.

See also this link to 20 visualizations of crime data from across the world.

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