Sunday, May 31, 2009

Global nuclear power outlook

The historic Indo-US nuclear deal was hailed as a breakthrough in resolving India's chronic power deficits. However, as an NYT article points out, from the experience of Finland, the celeberations may be premature. A 1600 MW, 3 billion Euro modular design reactor, being built by Areva, which was supposed to be cheaper, faster to build, and safer, has now fallen short on all the three counts. It is found that of the 45 reactors being built around the world, 22 have encountered construction delays.

The OECD estimates that for nuclear power to have a high impact on reducing greenhouse gases, an average of 12 reactors would have to be built worldwide each year until 2030, whereas there are not even enough reactors under construction to replace those that are reaching the end of their lives.

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